Nature Trail

The Southernmost border of our campus has long been home to a line of 40+ loblolly pines.  Beginning in 2017 we have allowed the area under and around these trees to naturalize which has provided an opportunity for some understory growth to take root giving way to a variety of wildflowers and small trees.  The West end of the trail is a little drier as it sits higher.  The East end of the trail includes an area that floods when it rains, this area is home to a couple bald cypress trees and other plants that will grow in a wet location. On May 12, 2018 Timothy Fryman completed his Eagle Scout Project making the trail through this area a bit more permanent by adding edging to the at grade sections of the trail.  We hope to begin constructing some of the boardwalk sections of the trail in the spring of 2020.

nature trail east end
East End of Nature Trail in the Spring
West End of Nature trail looking east