Mume Apricot

The Mume Apricot (Prunus mume) sometimes called Japanese Apricot or Chinese Plum is a deciduous fruit tree native to China. This species is sought after primarily for its flowers as it blooms in late winter.  Here in Memphis ours typically bloom in late January.  The fruit of this tree is also edible.  We have two apricot trees that you will find in our Bible Garden on the east side of the church building.

While not native to the Holy Land the apricot (Prunus armeniaca) is considered by many the most likely candidate for the Hebrew “tappuaḦ” often translated as apple.  The “tappuaḦ” is mentioned in Joel chapter 1 and in Song of Solomon. The Mume Apricot grows better in our climate than Prunus armenica and was therefore planted in our garden to learn more about Prunus mume click here to learn about Prunus armeniaca click here. 

Prunus mume Flowers
Prunus mume (center)

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