Rala Arboretum

The Rala Arboretum is located on the Campus of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School (ILCS) in Memphis, TN.    The plantings around the church were originally planted as a Bible Garden containing plants that were mentioned in the Bible.  We also have a butterfly garden and are working to establish a nature trail.

Immanuel Lutheran School has been at this location since 1971 and Immanuel Lutheran Church has been here since 1990. You might ask why we are called the Rala Arboretum, Rala is short for Raleigh LaGrange Rd. which is the road our campus is on.  When ILCS moved the school in the 70’s we had two campuses.  A worship service was held at our current campus, in those days, and was referred to as the Rala Chapel.